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SHIRAZ INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD near Mirpur Azad Jammu Kashmir is the largest and most progressive organization of pakistan having monthly production capacity over 1.8 million of WPP bags. We in SHIRAZ INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD emphasize on the finest quality, abd services to the entire satisfaction of our customers. SHIRAZ INDUSTRIES has been established in 2007 and has been operating successfully all these years. We have several hundred reputed clients in Pakistan & Abroad. With pool of resources utilizing state of art technology, knowledge, equipment and trained manpower. SHIRAZ INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD is committed to deliver consistently high quality polypropylene / polyethylene products to its customer at competitive prices with in short lead times.

Our Mission

Excellent Quality

Provide excellent quality Polypropylene products to our customers at prices that are affordable for all cutomers

Innovative and Gain Market Shares

Be innovative and open to change and Rapidly gain market shares in industry and to be market leader

Provide Best Solutions

Enrich the wealth of our customers by providing them the best possible services at the lowest possible price

Our Target Market & Products

SHIRAZ INDUSTRIES is supplying polypropylene products to the following industries for the packing of their finished products.

Fertilizer Industry

Provide Polypropylene Products to Fertilizer Industry for packing Fertilizer.

Sugar Industry

Provide Polypropylene Products to Sugar Industry for packing Sugar.

Textile Industry

Provide Polypropylene Products to Textile Industry for packing Yarn, Fabric , Garment.

Chemical Industry

Provide Polypropylene Products to Chemical Industry for packing Chemicals.


Provide Polypropylene Products to Agriculture Industry for packing Grains, Wheat , Maize , Rice , Seeds.

Wheat Flour Mills

Provide Polypropylene Products to Wheat Flour Mills for packing Flour.

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PP Bags

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